About Us at blog.CreateWellnessDallas.com

Create Wellness, llc was founded by Leslie Hinton, LMT, CTN, an experienced therapist with a vision of creating a therapy practice designed with a well rounded approach.

Leslie has been a massage therapist for over ten years.  She graduated the Asten School of Massage.  License is granted by the State of Texas.  Leslie has continued her education by studying Naturopathy with Therapy Alternatives, and was awarded her National Certification as a Certified Traditional Naturopath by the American Naturopathic Certification Board.

She has further studied, Cranial Sacral therapy, Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, neurotransmitter analysis and Adrenal Stress, hair analysis, food allergies, Visceral massage and Structural Balancing, and Posturology with Neurosomatic educators llc, just to name a few.

Leslie is honored to work with a variety of cases, and continues to look for the most natural and non invasive means to promote healing.  She feels the most fulfilled when clients begin to take charge of their own healing process.

As people educate themselves on effective strategies for health care they tend to pass on this information to their family and friends.  As a result, their companions continue to be positively encouraged to greater health in response.   It is our goal at create wellness llc. to continue to search for the most effective non invasive aids for wellness to share.

Much of this blog will be dedicated to Gluten and other food based sensitivities and allergens.  These have touched the health of some of my loved ones in profound ways and I feel moved to share, educate, encourage, and nag those around me to greater levels of awareness.

In closing, please consider the healing power of nature.  Being in the moment, surrounded by greatness can have a profound effect on the cells of our body.  Standing on the beach barefoot with the waves lapping at our feet, the gentle breeze brushing past our skin can be not only relaxing but renewing.   “For his invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship, so that they are inexcusable…” Romans 1:20