Gluten free homemade hamburger buns – Yum!

Picture above:  Fresh hot home made gluten free hamburger bun.

When you are craving a burger, a bun-less burger just isn’t them same!  If you have been gluten free for a while you have gotten use to having your burger wrapped in lettuce or just eaten with a knife and fork.    Let’s talk about a real burger with a real (G.F.) home made bun.

But wait, you might say, isn’t a burger bad for you?  

I subscribed to the 90 10 Rule.  What is the 90 10 rule?  Quite simple 90% of the time you choose to eat right, with only a small percentage of the time for choosing outside your defined “healthy choices”.

Healthy choices seem to vary from year to year by authorities, as well as each individual has a different perspective on that they think is healthy.  

By  choosing fresh vegetables in a variety of colors, fruit, lean cuts of meat in smaller quantities, and smart fats, I feel I am making healthy choices.  The Mediterranean diet is very much like that.    Going gluten free is not a “healthy option” in itself, but one that is  often forced on those of us that seem to produce antibodies in the presence of gluten.  Perhaps more on that another time.

Back to the Burger at hand.  I purchase from a kitchen supply store a few small souffle dishes.  I learned quickly that souffles are much harder than I thought.  The size of the dishes are perfect for a burger bun however.

One of my favorite gluten free cookbooks is The complete Book of Gluten-Free cooking, by Jennifer Cinquepalmi.  (Thank you my friend Amy for that gift!)  

I used her basic sandwich bread recipe on page 20, with a few exceptions.  I substituted 2 cups of the flour she suggests for coconut flour, and an additional egg.  By doing so you bring the carbohydrate load down.  I did not feel that it changed the taste at all.  When cooking with coconut flour however, you must use more eggs, as it just doesn’t stick well together.

After the easy mixing of the dough, I loaded the small souffle cups, (I had 3) and  the left over dough I placed in a normal bread pan. All were put on to rise in a gently warmed oven, and looked beautiful 40 minutes later.  Baked at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes with that kitchen-filling, fresh bread intoxicating aroma.  The burgers were grass fed hormone free beef we like to purchase at Costco, mixed with Parmesan, a splash of G.F. Tamari sauce, and a few shakes of Emeril’s Steak rub.  The burgers were brought in from the grill just in time to take the buns out of the oven. A home made sauce  of spicy mustard, blue cheese salad dressing, several pinches of Spanish Hot Smoked Paprika (my go to spice this summer)  and a splash of a sweet spicy Kuauai hot sauce completed the yum factor.  Of course, a side salad to attempt to even out the calorie scale.  

WHAT I WOULD DO DIFFERENTLY.  In the end as you can see from the pictures the burger buns were very thick.  Now that I know those flours used rise perfectly, I would load the souffle cups only 1/4 full instead of 1/2 full.  I think that would create the perfect size burger bun.   

Should you have more of the souffle cups I think you could easily fill, and make 6 large fat buns, or perhaps even a dozen thinner ones, instead of using the extra to make a loaf of bread.

By the way; I found at Wallmart of all places, some ready to bake sweet potato french fries that seem to be gluten free, at least from the list of ingredients.  Yes of course I can make them from total scratch, but sometimes we busy girls are in a bit of a rush aren’t we?